About Me:


Hi! My name’s Mark. I’m an award-winning poet, performer and battle-rapper based in the UK. I’ve won countless slams, titles and awards for my work, have received two Webby awards for my poetry online, my poetry has been viewed in every country in the world and I’ve gained over 30 million views for my work to date. Recent commissions have included work for The BBC, The Royal Institute, Channel 4, Film4, Red Bull and Google and this summer I starred in Redbull’s documentary series ‘Mark Grist battles the World,’ where I explored hip hop culture across The Philippines and battled Loonie, the most viewed rap battler in the world.

I'm totally obsessed with language. I love writing and performing my own work and making documentaries that explore the different ways we've found to communicate with each other. When I'm not writing, touring or playing board games I also make educational videos for my Youtube channel (which you can find here).

I really hope you enjoy looking around the website. Please feel free to get in touch if there's something you'd like to talk about. I'm always keen to help out with any commissions/projects you're working on, no job is too big or too small and I love visiting schools/helping out charitable organisations when I can.

Why not kick your visit off by checking out a video? Here's a piece about apples and why it's ok to be different.