I started out battling when I was a secondary school English teacher back in 2010. Back then I called myself 'The Count of Monty Gristo' and I made it through to the final of the  East of England King of the Mic tournament.

Since then I've battled for the UK league Don't flop, as well as heading out overseas. I've clocked up about 12 million views online for my battling to date, and Ice Cube once said that I was 'Epic', which was cool.

Recently I've been battling in The Philippines as part of an hour-long documentary called 'Mark Grist Battles The World' with Red Bull. I've stuck some still images up from the show below, and if you haven't seen it I'd really recommend it - the scene in the Philippines is incredible. If you fancy seeing the documentary you can check it out here.


Previous battles

Here's a bunch of battles I've taken part in. See what you think!

Mark Grist V Blizzard

Mark Grist V Aukes

Mark Grist V Knamelis

Mark Grist V Micky Worthless