Battling Cnut the robot

I had a gig with Phrased and confused last week, which was really cool. They're a collective that runs various events across the UK. I haven't performed with them in ages, but they gave me one of my first ever commissions back in 2008. Here's a photo from back then when Mixy (the baby faced sort of slouching rapper on the right) and I first started working together.

Phrased and Confused helped us develop our first show and even took us out on tour with some really cool people - Murray Lachlan Young, Aoife Mannix, Jane Armour and Woodpigeon. I haven't seen the Phrased and Confused guys in a couple of years, though, so it was really looking forward working with them again. 

The show they were putting on was up in Liverpool at the Philhamonic with old mates Luke Wright, Hollie McNish and a selection of musicians, poets and songwriters. It was a really cool gig to be a part of - click the image below and you can see what we got up to!

As well as performing some poems and doing a bit of storytelling, I was asked to take part in a 'poetry battle' against a robot called Cnut. We were each given 20 minutes to generate a poem based upon 8 words from the audience. After frantically scribbling something down we went head to head in the bar - with Hollie reading Cnut's piece out while he wrote it up on a huge canvas. 

And you know what? It could have gone worse! I was going to let you guys look both of the poems over but I ended up leaving my poem in the bar afterwards - gah! If you fancy reading Cnut's poem, though, I'll post it at the bottom of this thread.

The highlight from the gig? Aside from listening to Luke's playlist on the drive back it had to be  getting a copy of Hollie McNish's new book for a friend who's expecting - if you haven't read/heard about it you can find out about it here - it's really impressive. I'm actually performing with Hollie again in Stamford towards the end of the week - if you fancy joining us you can find more info out here.

Anyway, back to Cnut. He took the 8 words from the audience (can't remember them I' m afraid - we had a lot of wine!) and generated this from the complete works of Wordsworth.

bay and medieval if then some shultz's

eyes of jester in beauty aeroflot

king and others incitements of a is

the thing bouche anguish and death launcelot

of english tesselate wall and roof amp

with awe amuse fit haunt of colonnade

for no illustrious have i seen cramp

of fine incompetent she smiled but preyed

powers he creosote the laughter beahm

and calm gooseberry not a slave smoothing

he through whom thy mind and belief no dream

blessings we your than eastern skies soothing

moral frame agree while on thee adjust

from a golden of peace intent mistrust