Terry and Tiara

Hey guys, good to see you! It's been a hectic couple of weeks. I've been working with my mates Guy Larsen, Killian Butler and Signature Pictures on a new Kickstarter-funded poetry film called 'Terry and Tiara'. 

The poem is a cautionary tale about possessions, self-worth and how unhappy we can make ourselves when we try to be something we're not. I wrote it a couple of years ago and I'm so pleased that we've finally managed to make it into a short film. It's been fiddly to put together because 'Terry and Tiara' are being played by marionettes instead of actors (pretty cool, right?). If you click on the image below you can get a glimpse of what we've been up to.

Not bad, eh? It's been an exhausting shoot (two weeks is our longest yet!) but it's definitely been worth it. The shots look incredible and I really think this could be the best film we've made. As always we're incredibly grateful to our Kickstarter backers who helped us get this far - without your support we wouldn't be able to do any of this. We also owe a huge debt to the Allia Future Business Centre in Peterborough for letting us film there for the past fortnight - you guys really helped us out. Thank you!

Right, thank you's all done. Let's talk about the team. I'm very fortunate in that I get to work with loads of talented people throughout the year, but the team on this project were something else. Here we are getting stuck into a lunchtime game of Avalon.

There's so many incredible things I could say about these guys- the project would have never been possible without their drive and determination. Here we are working on yet another take that went wrong:

It was a tough shoot - the marionettes seemed to have a mind of their own and there are so many shots/movements that we needed to get in order for the film to have the right pacing. It could have been an absolute nightmare if it weren't for the energy and commitment of our team. Some personal highlights over the past fortnight included

-Mike's illustrative skills (and growing bromance with Josh).
-Josh's ability to rinse our food supplies (whilst also tricking me into losing my car keys).
-India's boundless enthusiasm and ability to create/decorate fiddly things that the rest of us could only gawk at.
-Dan's problem solving and all-round DIY genius.
-Jorge's unrelenting optimism and skill when it comes to framing shots.
-Lewis' fixing skills and his BRILLIANT poetry - including an ace piece about love and Ford Sierra Cosworths).
-Rosey being our very own Uncle(auntie) Midas. What a huge talent!

Oh, yes. And AVALON too.

The main reason we kept coming back...

It would be impossible to talk about this fortnight without mentioning one of my favourite games - we ended up playing Avalon over lunch every day and by the end all agreed that the filmmaking was just a stop-gap during a never-ending feud between good and evil. If you're looking for a game for 5-10 players that gets better/louder with each game I'd highly recommend it.

As for the film, it should be finished by the autumn (fingers crossed). I'll be sure to keep you posted when its time to start sharing it. I think you'll like it, I really do.