Wordknob - Episode 1

I've been working up some ideas for Youtube content over the summer - I'm trying to put up a new video every week from now until the Summer holidays - just so I've got a chance to muck about with words, really. One of the things I really wanted to do was make some educational videos looking at different words - not videos that felt legit like you'd see in school, but silly/off-kilter ones that are just more about mucking about. The kind of thing I'd have enjoyed seeing when I was younger, basically.

I made a little vid to let people know what I'm thinking about and asking for help with a name for the series.

Thanks so much to everyone that submitted ideas! The word 'word' kept coming up in people's suggestions for the show itself and so (and this may be a terrible idea) I figured I'd go with the title 'Wordknob'.

It sounded like the least appropriate name, tbh, and that made me want to do it - I'm not making these for any money after all. Plus, I figured it does makes sense in a way. A doorknob opens a door and tells you something new, and this is just like that really. Plus...well I kept thinking that the term could be applied to me pretty well too.

So yes, Wordknob. Or WordKnob. Think of a doorknob and it's (sort of) not offensive. The start of a run of educational content that may well not be appropriate to be shown in schools. Here's the first episode - all about Feghoots. I hope you like it.