Grow Wild - Funghi project

this week I've been writing a poem about fungus for Grow Wild and Kew Gardens. It was a short commission project (just a couple of days) but I found the whole project fascinating. We ended up filming in Peterborough, at Ferry Meadows, one of my favourite places to walk Boo. Here's the finished piece!

So, what did you think? did you like it? Is it growing on you? Is there still mush-room for improvement? 
Ok, that was pretty bad, but if you do want to learn more about the incredible things fungus does, you can find out more info from Grow Wild here. They're lovely people and they really know their stuff. Oh, and they give out free growing kits every now and then so it's worth stopping by and seeing what's going on! 
As for me, I'm looking forward to performing the piece at a few festivals this summer - and having a mushroom stir-fry for dinner!