Singapore - Tanglin Laureate trip

I've spent the last three weeks in Singapore, working with secondary students and helping them to write their own poems for performance. It's been full-on, but it's also been an absolute blast. I love working internationally. I really enjoy meeting people from different backgrounds and learning what they want to express.

This project also meant I got to work with Guy Larsen again, which is always a treat. Guy's a director and film-maker based in London and we were looking at making short films of the poems the students produced for a final showcase.


'This is a call'

During our time in Singapore I ran workshops for over 600 students. Although that's a lot of students to work with I was so impressed with the work produced. This was my third time heading over to Tanglin and it was great to see so many friendly faces - and to be made to feel so welcome by both the English and Media departments.

This year we crowned Tanglin's first ever School Laureate and we had a showcase of short films running alongside that really brought the house down. I love the School Laureate idea - it's something I've been working on for a while now, and I think it's a great opportunity for someone to gain the chance to speak on behalf of the student body. Our winner this year absolutely smashed her perofmrance with a piece all about slow walkers, but we also had some great pieces by.

On the Friday I performed a live show for adults that's all about what poetry means to me - the show itself involves me travelling around a bunch of graves and talking about the journey/what I learnt about my own writing. I also performed a piece from my new show, 'Mark Can't Rap' and was relieved to get a huge response for. It's been a while since I last performed for an adult crowd and I loved getting to try things in a different order. Also, my ability to perform over beats has really improved - which is a relief considering that's what I'm working on for the next six months!

Towards the end of my visit, Lucy came over to join me and we were able to head to Universal Studios for a day, before staying for a night at Marina Bay Sands to finish the trip off. I was able to write a new piece for kids whilst there and I even picked up a slight hint of a tan, so that's a pretty good result! Thanks to everyone I worked with out in Singapore - I had such a great time visiting and I can't wait to come back.