Tour of Myanmar, South Korea and China

I’ve spent the last three weeks travelling across Myanmar, China and South Korea; performing shows and delivering workshops as I go.

It’s been full-on and it’ll take me a while to process everything, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat. What an experience! I got to visit 9 different schools in total and worked with teachers and students across them all to change the way that poetry is seen in their schools. I think we managed it too!


Some really cool things that happened on the tour include:

Getting to work with so many students. Over the course of the tour I was able to help over 3000 students write their own poems, and the conversations that I’ve had with students about poetry and creativity have been really inspiring.

I got to visit a pagoda in Yangon that took my breath away.


Loads of great food!


A new poem I wrote for the tour (which you can see here) all about my Dad’s mouthwash went down really well. Which is a relief as it’s roughly seven and a half minutes long

I was made into a meme, which was cool:


After the workshops I got to head out for drinks with lots of different teachers. Thanks so much for making me feel so welcome!


Throughout the tour I met a bunch of really inspiring teacher from different schools, and learnt a few new tricks and ideas that I can use in my workshops. I learnt a really cool way to build a dinosaur poem with Year 1s and 2s, which I’ll try out sometime and loads of little activities and things. I keep thinking about putting together all of these activities that I’ve picked up in a book at some point - we’ll see.

Probably the coolest thing was when one girl in Year 4 came up to me after break. We’d been working on similes, metaphors and structure and she went away during break and wrote a whole poem, that she gave me as a gift - all about the healing powers of cheese. It was absolutely lovely!


I’m all finished now and back in the UK, working on my next set of projects, but thank you so much much to everyone I met and got to work with. Hopefully see you all next year.