A bunch of lovely testimonials

I always forget to ask for testimonials when I visit schools, so it was really lovely to get a bunch through out of the blue from a Primary school I visited this week. I love visiting primary schools. Year 5 are my favourite age to work with I think, and I’ve been delivering a new workshop all about the importance of originality and resilience. It’s one of my workshops designed to get students thinking about writing with flair from a young age.

‘Mark's workshop was highly appreciated by our children - it was well-paced, entertaining and most importantly inspiring. I have never seen my children so keen to write poetry before! Thank you Mark for challenging our children to be original and giving them the incentive to push themselves to achieve their best!’

Mrs Paun - year 5 teacher and Challenge Champion at Worsley Bridge Primary

‘I have very much enjoyed my "Young Writers" experience. The part I enjoyed the most, was when Mark rapped. I liked it because I have never seen a teacher rap before. Mark also taught us not to use cliches in our writing.’

Kayden-year 5

‘At the workshop I learnt that originality and resilience are the key to writing. It was really fun to hear Mark rap and we played lots of games.’

Veer-year 6

Mark’s workshop taught me how to write a poem and that a writer should be original. It was really fun because we got to make sentences that made no sense at all, but worked together well in the end.’

Polly-year 5

‘I learnt that the two main elements of writing poems or stories are ORIGINALITY and RESILIENCE. To be original, you have to come up with something no one has ever thought of; resilience means you are not giving up on your ideas.’

Noelia-year 6