I used to think that I’d never publish my work on the page but after a few years of poems going viral I figured it might be useful to put them in one place for people to check out. Along came Burning Eye Books and we started work on my first collection. Burning Eye Books are ACE. They're probably my favourite poetry publisher in the UK and they have a host of really talented poets on their roster. I feel very lucky to be published alongside so many talented artists and I’m really proud of what we put together.

'Rogue Teacher' contains poems from my two current live shows 'Rogue Teacher' and 'Slacker-In-Law', is illustrated by my good friend Guy Larsen and has a bunch of poems from my online videos included. If you fancy a copy you can pick one up here.

The cover photograph for the collection was taken by the immensely talented Richard. A. Jephcote. He’s a really talented (and lovely) guys. You can check out more of his work here  http://richardjephcote.co.uk