Writing rap lyrics is much harder than it looks. Mark Grist, a 37 year old ex-English teacher, has just 7 episodes to learn how to rap. Whether you're an aspiring rapper, a fan of the English language, or just interested in hearing an incredible story about failure, words and identity, then this is the podcast for you.

Written and narrated by Mark Grist, and produced by Ross Sutherland.


Episode 8 - The Mixtape

The completed mixtape. What do you think? Which track do you like the most? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Twitter/Instagram: @Montygristo

Episode 7 - Final Assessment

Mark heads to Juxta’s to record his mixtape but things don’t exactly go to plan. After many hours of recording it’s time to share what they’ve made with Mark’s mentors. The feedback takes Mark by surprise.

Episode 6 - One Night at Samm's

Mark heads to Samm’s Bar in Peterborough for their weekly open mic. Mark’s planning on performing two tracks to the audience but he’s incredibly nervous. Some of his material is much more personal than he’s used to performing and there’s a very real possibility that this could go badly.

Episode 5 - What are you Saying? Ft. shay D

Mark has only three episodes of the podcast left to complete his mixtape, and he’s struggling. He bumps into an ex-student,Lewis, in town and they share their frustrations. Later, Mark calls up rapper and teacher, Shay D, to help him work out why he can't complete anything. Shay questions Mark on his reasons for doing this and challenges him to write something with meaning.

Episode 4 - It's the Spaces In Between Ft. Inja

Mark follows Tony's advice and starts rapping along to a bunch of his favourite tracks. Then he drives to Cambridge to meet up with Inja (Winner of DrumAndBaseArena’s 2018 awards for Best Emcee and Best Live Performer).
Together, they start improving Mark’s material. Inja shares his experiences and some of what he tells Mark leaves him reeling .

Episode 3 - I'm here to Fence Ft. Tony D

Mark has just a week to write two verses to perform up against Tony D, the UK’s undefeated battle rap champion. He interviews his friends and family, learns what he can legitimately brag about and also writes a verse full of the most outrageous claims he can think of. When his time runs out, he travels to London to face Tony.

Episode 2 - The Punchline Ft. Tony D

Mark has just a few weeks to put together his first Mixtape and he desperately needs to find emcees that can help him. First off is Tony D: a UK battle rap legend. Tony once mentioned Mark in a rap battle; using Mark’s name and background as a punchline. Mark asks him why it went down so well and Tony explains why.

Episode 1 - It Started in Mexico

As a huge fan of hip hop, and after years spent writing poetry, Mark really wants to learn how to rap. He’s been given a huge opportunity too. Red Bull’s ‘Global head of Music innovation’ Stefan Lukic has agreed to listen to his tracks. The catch? Mark will have to fly to Mexico. And he’ll have to be prepared for some very honest feedback.