And welcome to my website. My name's Mark.

I'm a writer, performer and educator based in Peterborough. I spend most of my time writing poems, stories, and live shows that tour all around the world. I'm also a huge fan of rap battles (and occasional competitor). Recent commissions have included work for The Royal Institute,  BBC Radio 1, Radio 1 Xtra, Channel 4, Film 4, Red Bull, The National Maritime Museum and Google. When I'm not writing, touring or playing board games I like making  poetry and educational vids for my Youtube channel (which you can find here).

I've recently started helping a small number of people to improve their presentational skills. To find out more about how I can help you deliver your idea, pitch or story click here.

I really hope you enjoy looking around the website. Feel free to get in touch if you've got any projects you'd like to work together on, or if you've got an event you'd like me to be a part of.

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A man precision-built to reach out to a live audience.
— The Guardian
The writing’s so sharp…absolutely priceless.
— The Scotsman
Absolute dynamite!
— Stephen Merchant

Recently I've started making educational videos about language (and in this instance ferrets and gravy). 

The English teacher you wish you had.
— Fest Magazine
— Ice Cube
It was awesome! He made me laugh a lot. Can he come back?
— Stacey, Year 5 student

I've also started competing against my dog in relation to a theme each month - I lost this time, but I'm confident about next month!